Western Region

Western Region


With language and traditions quite different from the rest of the country, western Nepal feels in many ways like a land apart. The landscape here are huge, broken only by the massive snowcapped peaks of Api Saopal, Kanjiroba and Dhulagiri, as dry waves of khaki-colored ridges spread through the Trans-Himalayas as far as eye can see. The region hides some of the country’s best trekking secrets, including spectacular turquoise lakes, timeless Tibetan monasteries and spectacular high passes. Approaches from the south ascend from the Hindu lowlands through deep gorges or over high passes into the remote arid landscape of Do Tarap and outer Dolpo.

Treks in Nepal’s Wild West are seriously off the beaten track – there are no teahouse treks or warm slices of apples pie here. If you’re not put off by the logistical difficulties of securing flights, fuel, permits and food, or the relatively higher costs of the trekking far from Kathmandu, then the west might be the place for you. This is one corner of Nepal where you need a reliable trekking agency on your side and we Caravan Himalaya Team can make it successful.

Many of the trails in the west continues to the northern side of the Himalayas ranges of Nampa, Saipal and Kanjiroba, making it easy for trekkers to hike along river valleys and into Tibet – a practice the government of both Nepal and China would like discourage.

Western Region Trekkings

The northern part of Dolpo is usually called inner/upper Dolpo and has long had an aura of mysticism about it. The goal of most trekkers to inner Dolpo is Shey Gompa
The trek to Nepal’s largest Lake “Rara Lake” at an altitude of 2980 meters is one of the best places to explore. This lake is so beautiful that it is even called as “Queens of Lake”.

18 days

The trek to Phoksundo Lake is remote and isolated part of western region with lots of variety, with lovely forested sections, dramatic Phoksundo Lake and a tiny pocket

21 days

Dhaulagiri (8,167m), whose name means white Mountain, is the seventh highest Mountain in the world. It is an enormous Himalayan massif, located in north central Nepal