Caravana Himalaya Adventure started with trekking in the Himalayas, but we have built on our experience to offer a wide range of tours so that you can experience all aspects of Nepali life.Exploring much of the Himalayas with friends and also working as guides, Sunhil and all the Team have experience of most of the Himalayas in the Great Himalayan Trail. But we also see the opportunities to make the rest of Nepal better known to the World.

Nepal is known most famously as the Himalayan kingdom, but many parts in the lowland areas are rich in bio-diversity of flora & fauna along with different cultures and traditions. The finest way to discover Nepal and the Himalayas is with local inhabitants and guides. We are a family firm with 18 years of experience in the tourist trade and are able to offer a very wide range of experiences – but also to help you decide what is important to you during your visit.
With great pleasure we invite you to join us by looking around our reviews and with all your effort; when you’re ready reaching out to us to start the Himalayan journey; contact us. We are always here to assist you any time

“pedro Gracias por ser como eres. No cambies”

                       -os galegos


Mountain is our home! We feel very pleased to take any guest to our home. We take any guest to our home. We love our home and we love what we do. We do not change ourselves while we go to our home; so you will be our friends to our home.

With our motto: :      ” leave nothing but footprints, Take nothing but photographs “


We are 24X7 available: we are here to assist you 24X7; the best way is to whatsapp or facebook and another is to send an e-mail; we get back to you asap.


Local communities and Eco-friendly

We are always supporting eco-friendly trips and try to involve local communities as far as possible; it is the best way to improve local employment as well.


Himalayan Heart Beat.

No one would work in the Himalayas/ in that altitude; it’s because our heart beat says Himalayas; we enjoy what we do;

“it may be a holiday for you; but this is our lifestyle” pedro.